Video Intercom Dubai

Intercom-Dubai is a prime supplier of innovative video intercoms. The wireless video door entry systems ensure total safety to your homes. We are supplying affordable and most dependable video phone intercoms in Dubai. Intercom-Dubai is known for supplying best video door phones and host of other security systems. With our efficient door answering systems, thousands of families and offices are living a safe and peaceful life.

Video intercom is a modern day door entry system that allows the user to get visual of the visitor standing outside. The user can communicate with the visitor before opening the door. Our stand-alone video intercom systems also come with flexible remote access. Video doorbells are providing ultimate safety to the people at home.

Audio-Visual Door Entry Systems

Our video intercom systems are best for families as well offices. The system allows two-way communication and hence gives a high level of safety. Variety of audio-visual video doorbells is available for as per individual needs.

We are supplying visual door entry systems to following units and more-

• Residential apartments
• Residential builders
• Individual homes or bungalows
• Small offices
• Large corporate structures

Users can avoid unauthorised visitors or strangers into their house. If the user wishes, he/she can engage in conversation with the visitor. If the visitor is an unknown person, the user can evade him/her.

Key Features - Video Door Answering Systems

The features of our visual intercom systems add lots of value for the users. Here are some of the highlights that will self-explain their worth.

1. Allow users to evade unauthorised visitors
2. Automated operation with a simple push button
3. Remote access can be customized in other devices as needed
4. Advanced video intercoms have memory for future reviewing of the visitors
5. The flexibility of expanding the system in future

Our team is quick in the installation of the system at your homes. Any technical issue is immediately attended for quick fixing.

Best Video Intercom Suppliers

Intercom-Dubai is dealing with advanced wireless security systems in Dubai. We are a leading supplier and installer of security systems for homes and commercial units.

When any visitor presses the outdoor pushbutton, the inbuilt camera captures the image and sends it over to the screen installed inside. This entry system is best for the families in large residential complexes. Kids and elders alone at home can avoid entry of strangers. The camera-based intercoms are extremely safe and simple to operate. It just requires pressing a simple push button to answer the doorbell. The equipment will also activate communication between the users with simple operation.

Intercom-Dubai offers a variety of camera-based video door entry equipment. As per your need, you can get audio-visual or only visual systems. The systems can also be enabled with remote access using proximity cards, biometric readers, and keypad controllers.

We also supply security intercoms triggered by wife-connected or blue-tooth connected devices. There are tremendous innovations in the realm of security systems. We implement the most advanced technologies to make your homes safer and smarter than before. The systems are supplied at the most competitive prices. Our installation and maintenance are equally excellent and cost-efficient.