Video Doorbell Dubai

Nothing is as important as the safety of your people and your premises. Intercom Dubai gives ultimate safety to the homes in Dubai. Whether you are at home or away, our range of video doorbells let you move confidently. Families are able to move out with kids and elders alone at home. Video doorbells are advanced door answering equipment. It quickly gives clear visual of the visitor at the door.

Intercom-Dubai is a leader in automated home security systems. Our video doorbells provide greater safety and confidence to the people living in apartments or bungalows. We are also supplying video door answering for the commercial units. As per the client‛s needs, multiple screens can be installed for greater convenience. The doorbells also feature flexible remote control access.

Smart HD Video Doorbells in Dubai

Smart video doorbells are integrated with the camera as well other elements like Wi-Fi and blue-tooth. The user can answer the doorbell from a smartphone or tablet. The smart doorbells work with iOS as well as Android-based systems. The motion-activated high-tech camera gives a complete view of the people standing outside the house. With these smart doorbells, you can attend your visitor from anywhere. Users can speak to the visitor in real time once the system is integrated with the mobile.

Our advanced systems give a brilliant HD video of the visitor at the door. The doorbells also activate a two-way communication and allow users to avoid unknown visitors. All-weather visual door answering systems are highly resistant against moisture and dust. This automated equipment makes you feel always at home as you never miss a visitor.

Benefits of Audio-Visual Doorbells

Many burglaries happen with people opening doors for unknown visitors. With traditional doorbells, safety is of people inside is quite vulnerable. Audio-visual doorbells help modern families to keep their home safe. With remote monitoring and wi-fi integration, parents enjoy greater safety for their kids alone at home. Unauthorized break-ins can be easily avoided with this modern answering system.

The top benefits of the smart HD video answering system for your families are right here. Knowing them, you would definitely understand their value.

1. Sends immediate alert before some are close to your door
2. Recording option with a future review of visitors you missed
3. Remote monitoring from mobile phones
4. Clear HD video of visitors that allows immediate facial recognition
5. Infrared equipped cameras to give a clear view in the dark
6. Can communicate with the visitor without opening the door
7. The visitor will not know whether you are inside or answering from a remote location
8. Has special benefits for the elderly, kids, and people with special needs

By installing HD audio-visual equipment at the door, you make your homes completely safe. Our smart security systems provide greater control. It limits access to your doors and lets you monitor your visitors from the remote. No matter how far you are or how alone you are, you have total peace of mind. The indoor chime has the option to turn off during your rest hours. Seniors love the convenience and safety providing by this modern answering system. Individuals with special needs can answer the door without leaving their place. Call us for more details on our advanced video doorbells in Dubai.