Keypad Door Opener Dubai

One cannot stay peaceful when there is a lack of security. Intercom-Dubai keypad door opener systems take care of your properties. With these keyless digital locks, our clients enjoy a stressless life. We have flexible options that speak of our experience in providing secure keyless locks. Technology is no way behind in the realm of security equipment.

The automatic keypad door opener allows users to open the doors with a simple push operation. In a code enabled keypad, the user needs to enter a secret pin code. Users can also open the smart lock using a card key or a remote control. We supply the best quality keypad door openers in Dubai.

Garage Door Opener System

The traditional garage door opener did not have remote access. They were vulnerable compared to the advanced digital locks. The keypad enabled garage door openers to ensure premium security for the owners. We at Intercom-Dubai, install best garage door openers. Whether it is a new garage or an existing unit, we can integrate locks with greater efficiency. Whenever needed, we extend quick reprogramming of the keypad or remote.

Once the pin code is set on the keypad, you can simply open the doors by entering it on the keypad. With a simple operation, the users can open the doors without any efforts. No more struggling and hard working to open the rigid garage doors. The modern keypad based lock openers give security as well convenience.

Gate Door Opener Keypad

Intercom-Dubai provides trusted garage or gate openers. The system is simple to install and the installation takes a few minutes. Simple-to-follow wireless locks are programmed to get unlocked only with a specific code. The code is a number or a text or a combination of both. The efficient products are from top brands of the world. The configuration and installation from our expert engineers add ultimate security to your properties. We employ most reliable and advanced tools for installation as well. The keypad for opening doors also serves as a compact remote. The smart locks can also be integrated with personal devices.

Smart Door Openers

The modern door openers we supply are keyless digital locks. The secure encryption is enabled which gives protection against hacking. These keypads are resistant to weather conditions and are highly durable. Moreover, the keypads are backlit to allow users to open the doors in the darkness. Our systems are highly secured and make your doors indissoluble.

Features and Benefits

No matter how far you are from your property, you have a guarantee for their safety. Our digital door openers are made for a complete peace of mind.

Some of the most notable features and benefits of our keypad gate openers are here-

1. Proximity card identification
2. Simple to configure and reprogram
3. Highly secure encrypted code
4. Quick functioning censor
5. Customized operation
6. Shock resistant

The keypad door openers are also available with different opening options. The keypads can have biometric control or a password access. These are automated entry pads assisting in opening the doors without keys. Call us to know more options you have for securing your residential or commercial units.