GSM Door Opener Dubai brings the most convenient and advanced range of GSM door openers. GSM gate opener is a simple portable device to control door access. This remote equipment allows one to access the door with a free call from the authorized number. Our GSM door openers offer total safety and security to the garage gates and residential doors.

No one can access the door as the door will not unlock without a call from an authorized number. This call does not cost and once the call is made, switching is activated in the door system. Intercom-Dubai is supplying all varieties of security intercom systems integrated with modern audio-visual equipment.

GSM Door Opening System

We are supplying GMS based door opening systems for residential and commercial doors. A free call from a registered SIM opens up the gate or doors. This unanswered call simply unlocks the door without the use of any password or PIN number.

The system can store single as well multiple phone numbers for authorized access. Our GSM door openers are programmed by skilled engineers using simple commands. Users can simply make a call to unlock the door without any annoyance of remembering the password.

Features of our GSM Gate Openers

Our range of modern intercom systems includes GSM based door openers at affordable pricing. Some of the most prominent features of our GSM gate openers are here.

1. The call is rejected and used only to turn off or on action activation.
2. The system can work on gates, residential doors, garage doors, shutters and barriers
3. The system has caller ID integration
4. Calls from unauthorized numbers are completely ignored
5. This system works from a remote place without any limit of distance
6. The owner also has the option to receive an SMS confirmation upon relay action
7. The owner can add and remove the users by simple text command
8. No need of handling separate remote control
9. Multiple phone numbers can be configured for authorization
10. Affordable pricing and simple to reprogram

The system has many additional features like viewing the list of authorized numbers. The owner can also put timers for the access to the door.

How GSM Door Openers Work

The GSM door openers by are manufactured and installed as per industry standards. The industrial grade GSM unit receives call only from the authorized number. This works like any other SIM ordinary GSM based phone. The output relay is connected to the door and as the authorized call is received, the door‛s switch is activated for on or off operation. The operation is quite similar to the manual button pressing to open and close the door.

The GSM gate opener also has caller ID and hence owner can check the numbers used to access the doors. However, this system uses a relay instead of the electric button or switch. The relay is connected to the closing and opening switch. is a leading supplier and installer of modern security systems for doors and gates. Our intercoms and smart doorbells are superior quality products engineered to provide authorized access to the buildings. Call us to know more about GSM door openers and gate openers for your industrial and residential premises.