Electronic Gate Lock

Intercom Dubai manufactures and supplies strong high-security electronic gate locks. Our industrial grade electronic locks work with advanced locking mechanisms. The sophisticated locks offer durable keyless locking solutions. We are a leading security system supplier in Dubai focussing on high quality and integrity.

Our electronic gate locks are made for many places like a parking gate, doors, barriers, and industrial gates. Weatherproof sturdy quality of locks gives an efficient and long-lasting performance in all weathers. The gates have remote access and contain flexible manual operations. The interface connected with the lock allows the owner to operate from distant.

Electronic Lock Systems

Intercom Dubai is supplying vast varieties of security lock systems to enhance safety. The smart gate entry systems are to suit the modern digital era. Our range of electronic lock systems is affordable and smart safety solutions. Hundreds of residential and industrial properties have elevated their security with the locks.

Unlike traditional locks, they provide electronic access systems and digital control. Electronic gate locks involve actuators and access control. They are connected to a small motor hidden within the frame or door. The user can control the motor through an electronic card reader. There are other controllers like a keypad or a wireless remote. The lock can be governed by remote control. Once the input is received the motor-driven actuator gives a response.

Benefits of Gate Electronic Locks

Compared to plain traditional locks, smart gate locks give many advantages. The electronic locks work on the basis of a security code or PIN number. The user can unlock the digital lock using a key card or digital code on the keypad.

The program can be changed and hence there is a certain amount of control on the method of unlocking it. Once the code is applied, the lock gets deactivated or unlock for a short duration. The duration depends upon the time set during configuration.

Intercom Dubai is a trusted electronic gate lock supplier in Dubai. We can provide electronic gate entry locks for large as well as smaller gates. Our customer base includes industrial complexes, factories, large residential complexes, bungalows, farmhouses, and large business houses.

Types of Smart Gate Locks

Our high-security electronic door lock systems allow businesses to control over the doors of the entire premises. Safety of employees and assets are in safe hands with our products. The entry and exit points receive a high level of safety with gate electronic locks.

Electronic gate locks let the user control the entry and exit of the visitors. The system is operated by swiping a card or entering the code.

While the early electronic locks are opened using code or card, there are many variations available now. With the advent of the newest technologies, the locks are now integrated with Bluetooth, biometric data, smart gadgets, and other devices.

We supply the most suitable gate electronic lock in Dubai as per the convenience of operation. Our team arrived on the premises as per the scheduled time. The initial training and support for the operation make things easier for the users. Intercom Dubai is making life safer and better with high-tech security and entry systems. Call us for more details on our smart locks.