Door Opener with Password

Intercom-Dubai is a leading supplier and installer of password-based door openers. We are providing high-quality residential and commercial door openers. With our range of reliable and innovative security systems are second to none in the industry. Our flexible smart door openers fit the needs of residential buildings as well as industrial units.

A password enables door opener provides ultimate safety to the people and belongings. This advanced security door opening system helps in avoiding strangers to enter the building. With this keyless opener, users do not have the stress of losing keys to the intruders. The opener allows opening only with the configured password. Intercom-Dubai is supplying door opener with a password to homes, offices, homes, and other institutions. Without using keys, the user can open the door by entering a password into the opener.

Password Based Door Opening System

The door opening system controlled by a password is an electronic lock. The lock is designed using a microcontroller and a keypad. In many cases, the door opening system is installed right at the door. The user enters a password to unlock the door. In many cases, a keypad door opening system is also available. This small keypad opener allows high security to the premises. It smartly limits access to an area or a room to those who know the password. In the case of any doubt the password can be easily reprogrammed or changed. The password serves as a digital code to unlock the door. Even in the case of theft of the door opener, it does not open without the password.

This smart door opening facility has features like automatic door locking, alarm sound, and SMS alerts. As and when the password is applied to open the door, the user is notified through a message on mobile.

Smart Garage Door Openers

With the coming of digital locks, the operation can be integrated with personal devices like tablets and phones. We at Intercom-Dubai, install all different styles of remote door openers with a password. The operation and access can be customized as per client‛s requirements. We can supply smart password based door opening systems different types of doors or gates.

• High-speed industrial doors
• Roller shutters
• Overhead section doors
• Residential doors and gates
• Parking area doors
• Aluminium glass doors

Keyless Door Opening Solutions

Intercom-Dubai offers a wide range of door opening solutions. Our systems are made with a prime focus on safety and advanced control and access. The affordable password enabled door openers are loaded with innovative technical features.

• Remote access integration
• Quick reprogramming when needed
• Notification based opening system
• Strongly encrypted mechanism to avoid hacking
• Options of integration with smart devices like smartphones and tablets
• Simple to use and change the password

Our secure door environments are developed to meet the modern doors and gates. Our hi-tech door answering and opening systems are best in the market. The installation and configuration are done with the highest level of precision. Automated locks from Intercom-Dubai are ensuring safety to the gates, shutters, and doors of residential as well industrial premises. We offer quick installation and training to the users with our high-quality door opening system with a password.